January 31, 2007


3 weeks post-op with my foot. It's still swollen but going down, I'm loving the massages from Mick with lavender and rose essential oils in olive oil. Apart from being healing and good for the scar it is incredibly soporific and sends me off to the land of nod.

Mick is actually quite a star all round - he dug deep to pay for the operation, ferries me to Lewisham with me propped up very regally in the back of the car, nurses me, is running the home massages mu scary pod twice a day. All while still working, taking the dog out etc! Lol, he must have been shocking whilst I must have been amazing in a past life!

And ... drum roll ... It’s done! lomburlesque is selling CD’s. We have 4 available now with more coming soon.
Choosing titles to produce has been fun and we’ve had some interesting ideas sent our way. If you have any please let me know.

The idea to create self-help products was conceived many moons ago when everyone used cassette tapes. We had one on BodyScultping (enhance breast and get rid of cellulite) and another for Golf (reduce handicap, lower stress etc). The plan had always been hovering to have more and the time is right now. The creative process from idea to finished product is so much fun but challenging at the same time.

I think I'll write about spells tomorrow but now I feel a rub coming on :)

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