May 14, 2008


Oprah’s programme yesterday was about reincarnation. Dr Brian Weiss hypnotised the audience and Dr Oz from the show so they could remember their past life memories. All the books written by Dr Weiss are ‘must reads’ for anyone with a vague interest in the subject.

Anyway, I‘ve emailed the show offering them my book and myself for a feature on future life progression. Perhaps I should progress myself to see if it happens! I haven’t heard back but did get one of those auto responder emails telling me how important it was.

We all know what they mean … like the call centre messages …
Please hold the line – actually means: it boosts our profits.
Your call is important to us – actually means: it isn’t but you are delaying the inevitable dribble from another dull sap.
Do you know more information can be found at goodluckwiththatthen.joke – actually means: how little we care. We can’t even be bothered to talk to you. We’re not here anyway … it’s coffee/lunch/tea/supper/Sunday …

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