November 15, 2006

Exciting times

When the time is right and all that ... the proposal for my book has been accepted for publication. It is exciting and scary all at once.

I wonder how one actually writes a book?! It feels like when I used to get a new book at school and vowed to keep my writing neat. Half-way down the first page I always forgot and scrawled and doodled.

My thoughts range from having a plan to just going with the flow. Chapter at a time as the urge strikes or methodically in order. If my publisher reads this I am joking of course! I know exactly what I am doing!?!

The book is about past lives and I did the first 'live' regression for it at the weekend. A good time was had by all.


Andrea Wren said...

Yippee - and I'm going to be in the book as well! Your blog looks great, well done!

barb said...

Thank you! Can't wait to see what we unearth next time.