November 20, 2006


One of my friends, Sarah, took me to Erotica at Olympia on Friday - please don’t ask why!
It wasn’t as full on in your face as we expected which was a huge relief but there was still the occasional sideways look or don’t make eye contact moment. Dita Von Teese performed and she is loveliness personified. She did the whole thing from slowly striping off her gown and fur wrap, flirting with feather fans to the finale in the Martini glass. How you can climb in and out of a giant glass (wet!) without slipping on your bum or looking a fool is a revelation but she even did that with sexiness tumbling from every cell.
As you can imagine there were some ‘what’ moments on Friday but I won’t share because actually there weren’t that many - not sure whether to feel proud or ashamed - think I’ll stick with proud.

Have a good week

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