December 26, 2006


That’s Christmas done then. The next lot of stress that many self-inflict will be the new year resolutions. I’ve never known quite when that begins. Is it at the stroke of midnight: and is that the first or last bong, or is it the morning of the 1st when you wake up?

Anyway back to Christmas - we won a TV and fruit box in a raffle. That was very pleasing. Our shopping was on Christmas eve eve and I was surprised at how un-busy it was. Has the internet changed shopping habits or is everyone more organised than us? I heard on the radio that the Thursday before Christmas was the busiest - why?
Perhaps the logic is that it’s nearly the last minute and all those shoppers thought they were out-witting the others ...

I got lots of very fine pressies and my plan this afternoon is to drink the home-mulled wine, listening to Gwen Stefani under the family name coat of arms, take a picture with my digital camera while looking into my crystal ball. Brilliant. I am a lucky girl. The only downer was the luxury crackers that weren’t. How many tweezers does one family need?

All the regressions for my book are now done so a big thank you to all those kind enough to bare their souls.

Over the last week I was interviewed by Diana Collis for a feature she is writing on past lives for spaworld - her link is at the side. It was a good exercise in getting the creative juices flowing on techniques and results.

Top tip for resolutions. We start off fired up and dribbling with excitement but very quickly it becomes too hard/stressful/irritating or ... add your own.
Failure happens because resolutions tend to be about giving something up/losing/doing without or punishing.

If you have a new year plan make it about getting/ rewarding/receiving/.

So, if you are becoming a non-smoker don’t keep telling yourself you mustn’t smoke or you’re not allowed - tell yourself you are improving your health and you’ll find being a non-smoker much easier.
Or, you can buy my Hypnotic Non-smoker Maker.

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