December 08, 2006

Mixing pleasure with work

Last weekend was a hectic fun whirlwind trip that covered a big bit on the map. After spending a few hours at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday we traveled onto Buxton for the night. What a lovely place! So pretty, everyone lovely and delicious tapas for supper. We spent the night in a fug of garlic; yum and then ‘took’ the Buxton water on Sunday morning.

We poodled to Manchester on Sunday by train leaving the car in Buxton. One of Mick’s good ideas. It was so busy you wouldn’t have known it was the weekend but I love the buzz of a city. It is such a contrast to my home village, Newton Valence aka Sleepyville.

Andrea had sorted us a room at Malmaison and it was the perfect place to lay our hats. After her regression for my book (how cool that sounds :)) she and her man Jack took us to Rusholme’s ‘curry mile’. It was a good job they were with us or we might still be walking up and down trying to chose! And bit of a dé-jà vu as that night we spent the night smelly.

On Monday Mick and I parted company in Suffolk. He continued home and I stayed at Lizzie’s to do her regression - it was brilliant. Thank you to Lizzie’s son Sam for the use of his bedroom.

And, that was it. Back home by train on Tuesday - 589 miles in total.
So, a very successful weekend. Much traveling, bit of work, meeting lovely friends and lots of play - pretty perfect really.

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