February 16, 2007


I’ve been thinking. Please don’t worry it’ll pass. If there is something I’d like I have been known to to say, “I’ll do a spell.” or "I'll do an order". Sometimes I’ve done them for other people: for healing, abundance etc.

Depending on belief we all have different ways to manifest our desires: Cosmic ordering, affirmations, wishful thinking, spells, prayers ...

Is there any difference in whatever we choose to call our method?

When I was little I used to challenge God and then I tried it with the Devil! Aged about 6 the Sunday School teacher talked about bad people selling there Souls to the Devil. Well, I thought that sounded brilliant. I could be as naughty as I wanted, wouldn’t get into trouble and all I had to do was spend eternity somewhere hot.

Fantastic. I went home and offered it up immediately. Nothing happened - I think :). With hindsight maybe I didn’t listen properly to what the teacher had said.
What about God? I would say things like - “OK if you exist make a new pair of ballet shoes appear on my bed.” They didn’t so obviously it had to happen in secret.
I would try to make it easier and suggest things appear hidden from view. They didn’t.
One night I dreamt that the ballet shoes I was determined to have were in the oven. I looked and my parents laughed.
On Christmas morning there were some lovely pressies but no shoes. My Mum smiled and said, “Remember your dream.”
And, there they were waiting to be discovered before the flu-ridden turkey went in.
It seemed I didn’t need God or the Devil. Just my Mum knowing my dreams.

What am I prattling on about?

It has become more and more and even more apparent to me that if we are clear in our desires we really do achieve what we conceive. If that needs to be channeled towards a higher-being so be it.

The point of focus is the important bit. When you drive your car will go to wherever you look. It's the same with life in general.

I expect you know people who are miserable and negative. That is their focus. Others are a pleasure to be around - they are positive and generous. That is their focus.

Think about language - the miseries say ‘I knew that would happen. I attract bad luck. Nothing good ever happens to me.’

What is your focus? What are your desires?

Mine is to share how to follow your dreams.

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