February 15, 2007

Power Naps

You may have noticed that I had a foot operation 5 weeks ago. Bet you’re thinking- ‘argh, is she still banging on about that!?!?’
During the recovery time I have sometimes rested in the day - cue violins - or otherwise my foot swells more and I become Ms Grumps.

I find it pleasurable to have a siesta but don’t like the feeling you get left with if you sleep a moment too long. The answer is to get the hang of power-naps. These are delicious little bundles of snooze that perk, heal and energise.

For many years I have helped people clear out their emotional and mental debris and I despair about the whole detox thing when that is omitted. There isn’t much point spending a week or more sipping liquidised pond water unless you cleanse all levels of your being.
Any stress or internal junk lurks and grips on even while you’re flushing out your plumbing with espresso. All those, should-haves, why didn’t I’s, inner mutterings and irritations feed on themselves causing anxiety, tiredness and sometimes pain.

So, rather than be a moaning minnie and build up my own inner crud I created a mental detox meditation for lomburlesque. It is rather brilliant even if I say so myself.

And, here’s the exciting bit, it works like a power-nap only much better. Fantastic. Sometimes my brilliance astounds me! If only I could honestly say that was my original plan how impressed would you be?

The whole thing is just 20 minutes - the optimum amount of time for a perfect trance-nap.
If you think you might benefit and want to know more here is the link to the Mental Detox page.


Richard King said...

I have the same problem, Barbara; my brilliance often astounds me as well; we are not well understood, are we?

barb said...

Lol, or maybe we are and that's the problem?!