February 10, 2007

The joy of someone else's conversation

I meant to share the following conversation overheard on Tuesday while we were having supper before the show.

A group of 18 year olds (they must have been 18, we were in a pub):

Girl 1 - “I don’t know what to eat now I’m a vegetarian.”

Girl 2 - “You could have sausage, egg and bacon as you eat bacon and sausage is made of bacon.”

Girl 3 - “Sausages aren’t made of bacon.”

Girl 1 - “What are they made of?”

Girl 3 - “Well there is some bacon. I saw on the telly how they’re made. It’s eyeballs, bum and snout.”

Girl 1 - “Oh OK. And what’s in eggs?”

Girl 3 - “Dead chickens.”

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