March 21, 2007

Spring had sprung

Oestra blessings - Spring is here ... maybe ... spells done so mote it be :)

Did you notice I was so absorbed in the BT saga that I forgot to mention my foot?

Well, I can now wear shoes. Real, proper, unmodified, complete, one on each foot, matching shoes yay! Even though I can only wear them for a little while it is very exciting.
What will I talk about when it is completely better? The other one of course.

I am still amazed at the discipline needed to write a book. I used to say, “How hard can it be? If you write about something you are knowledgeable and interested in surely it just flows.”

People who manage to produce a tome when they say they wrote theirs on the kitchen table while looking after children and running a home or having a full-time job should be revered. My creativity comes in gushes usually without warning.

If I just sit at the Mac for my writing time there is always something else to do: read emails, lurk on forums, chat on IM, stop to make fresh coffee, write blog, check emails, lurk on forums, check emails, check emails - slap - did you notice a pattern?

Right. Time to write. But, better send an email first.

Hello to Gaby x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Quite right. I would love to write more but there's too much writing (and reading), basically too much sitting in front of the computer.

Love the way you write...

Love, Gabriela xxx