March 30, 2007


Something happens when you blog and I’m wondering if there’s a word for it.

Shall I explain?

If I get cross or annoyed my first thought is that’s going on the blog. An example: there is a cream that I can buy in Greece over the counter that can’t be got here without a prescription ... and the doctors don’t like to. And, of course a lot of them hate it if they have a patient capable of thinking.

So there I was listening to the doc explaining that I couldn’t have any and all I could think of was getting back to blog my moans.

But, if I only ever complain here will it
a) put everyone off reading
b) show me up as a grumpy old woman
c) allow me to join the clique of miseries who are at their happiest when moaning
d) other

Another quirk is the comments bit. Many people email me rather than leave comments.
Is it
a) They don’t want to be associated with me (because I moan??!!)
or subsection
a+) I'm a bit witchy
b) other

Back to the cream. Refusing to be outwitted I looked online. I can buy it on ebay and it is sent from Thailand but by far the best plan is for me to pop to Athens.

Because after all I always win :)


Richard King said...


Your are not a bit witchy, you are very witchy; very pleasant witchy.

Now, can someone else help out and post some comments.

barb said...

You may have a spell x