April 13, 2007

Food combining

I went away for a couple of days to Lavenham, Suffolk to visit Lizzie. We went for lunch at the Greyhound with another girlfriend and her children. They are regulars there (though you wouldn't know by the disinterest of the staff) and both have a bacon salad type thing with avocado and coleslaw. I asked for a Caesar salad with the extras.

The waitress paled and said, “avocado and coleslaw with a Caesar salad?”

What a cheek.

When it arrived, after about 3 weeks, it wasn’t actually a Caesar. It was chicken and cheddar on leaves.

I was already a little upset as on my way up to Suffolk I saw Thomas the tank engine which confused me a lot as he was at Alton when I left.

Martyn said they are representatives of Thomas just like all the Santas at Christmas.

That’s OK then: I thought one might be a fraud.

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