April 20, 2007

Cabbages and things

I can see the light for the completion of my book - oh I do hope I’m in the right tunnel.

There is an amazing amount of stuff growing in the greenhouse and although I haven’t a clue what most of it is they are showing me their identity by becoming more obvious.
If only I’d used labels instead of believing I’d remember ... after all why should this year be any different?

I’ve only had the greenhouse a few years but I am quite obsessive about my seedlings: never thinking I’d get so into growing things. If anyone had suggested I might I’d have laughed at them.

If I go away I’m straight back out there to check they’ve survived but have come to realise my little flowers and veggies don’t even notice I’m not there - just like children!

There is something so calming about tending to the plants and as they grow in leaps and bounds so does my inspiration.
So much so that I know this is the right tunnel.

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mick said...

...is that rumbling a train coming or your publisher....?