July 24, 2007

Trip to maloo

The 2 weeks of reclining with leg up are over tomorrow when the stitches from my newly formed foot are removed. I can’t wait. Don’t get out much ...
The operation went well and I managed to watch most of it in the reflection of our Man Ron’s visor. He nearly worked up a sweat as my bones are, as he commented before, extraordinarily strong.

My right foot was not as bad as the left but the pain post operatively was much worse. The reason being that the prescribed painkillers were not as magnificent as before. Why? Because a couple of fluff balls had a bit of a turn and as with most things the majority has to put up with the wishes of the minority. I had 2 dizzy spells during the 1st week and on both occasions hadn’t been near a pill. Or drink for that matter! It's a good job I can use self-hypnosis.

The house has been very quiet what with Charlie, Joel and Vinnie flying off to Rhodes and Paul and Maria disappearing to the Algarve. As if this abandonment wasn’t stressful enough Martyn passed his driving test so now we are officially Mr and Mrs Saga. Unneeded, defunct, ready for the scrap heap!

The shock of a quiet house had a serious effect on everything. Firstly the washing machine emptied itself onto the floor. This was quickly followed by the kettle dying and the mystery machine that takes the computers out via broadband into the virtual world refused to talk to its mother ship. Kettle replaced but magic box dead. The engineer told Mick so after going through all the diagnostics and running out of options.
New one cost £70.00. Happily plugged in after the whole weekend on dial-up again (not fun when the most exciting highlight of the day was going for a pee) and it didn’t work. Strangely it had exactly the same problem as the original. Mick was not a happy bunny. He didn’t have time to faff about - his time was spent looking after me and apparently I can be a little demanding?!
Martyn got on the phone to Virginmedia. I went for a lie down as couldn’t cope with another deja vu and after about 2 minutes he had it up and running. The 1st engineer was wrong ...

My book has a cover which is very exciting and its complete title is Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future. Cool eh?

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... anyone want a Netgear wireless router?