July 03, 2007

Screws, glass and news

Here is the x-ray showing the delightful array of screws in my foot. Isn’t it all very clever? As the count down is on to having the other one done next Wednesday I’ve hypnotised myself each night just before falling asleep to ensure I don’t feel the local anesthetic needles and for lots of comfort and good healing.

All the homes in the village have been given a black box for glass recycling collection which begins on Monday. This is rather pleasing as it means no more trips to the dump with Jobsworth ruling the roost ...

Now we can order absolutely any and everything online for home delivery, have all the rubbish and recycling taken away, join in with networking and social clubs online, chat with friends by phone, text or instant messaging is there any need to ever leave one’s house? Except the people who do the delivery and collection and those with jobs that can’t be done from home?

When we first moved here everyone we knew thought we were going to the back of beyond without any amenities. Think how smug we were when we discovered that each week we had a butcher, greengrocer, library, paper/sweetie shop, fishmonger and even a fish and chip van visit every week. Over the years they all dwindled away and now all we get knocking are those seeking to convert us from wicked heathens to finding God.

I wonder if it’s worth me sending up (why up?) a prayer? Too late I expect :)


Richard King said...

When I had those people come to my door to convert me, they told me spirits were demons, or soemthing like that. So I introduced them to the "demon" standing next to me, Lorelei of course. No J.W.s or Mormons have been near me for years. You did not find her that scary, did you?

barb said...

Lol :) - I just sell them a spell x