September 02, 2007

Not a one book wonder

I have started work on my next book and a few questions have popped into my mind. This is quite exciting because I’ve had the attention span of a worm since I had my foot redesigned.

Do you know people have surgery on their feet to make them a prettier shape; including having toes shortened?! I’m sure if anyone says they’ve had cosmetic surgery on a body part that isn’t on show we (definitely I) would think the procedure was a pleasure place perking. Our man Ron doesn’t entertain this: fixing fluffy feet I mean not numi nipping!

My musings then are thus -
Should there be a time of pause/rest/mourning after completing one book until beginning the next?

Are publishers interested in a second, third or any other offerings until they know how the first is selling?

If someone has a belief in their writing do they become a writer the moment ‘once upon a time’ hits the page or screen or only after the first 500 are bringing back the pennies to the publisher? Expect it varies too as to whether someone is famous first before a drunk friend says those immortal words, “Why don’t you write a book?’

There are plenty of authors who have penned more books than there is time to write them. Barbara Cartland, for example wrote 723 books and left behind 160 unpublished manuscripts. How? When?

Do you suppose after the first few hundred you become a good bet and can just keep writing knowing someone somewhere will want them all ...

I can only think prolific authors are capable of writing constantly without pause or they are working on several at the same time. In my head at the moment are about 5 more non-fiction and a few fiction books waiting to be allowed out for someone else to read. I think it might be possible to work on more than one non-fiction at a time but would expect muddlement overload if lost in the world of novels.

When I started this blog it was to share the process of trying to get a book written and published but I was fortunate enough to be accepted by Mirage without having to trawl through all the other publishing houses and without even a moment discussing soul selling.

Time now then for book 2. Watch this space ...