September 11, 2007

Beside the seaside

I had my foot x-rayed and then saw our man Ron. The screws are all in the right place and the alignment is good - patience is needed now. I am growing a little extra bone in unnecessary places but never mind we’ll ignore that minor point and hope it stops.

As a reward for braving Lewisham, which is actually a rather cool place, we kept on driving to Norfolk for an over-nighter before visiting Mick’s mum in Thetford.

One of my favourite places is Southwold. I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to it but I feel so at peace there.
It is exactly how a seaside town should be and has everything: the pier with the fun water clock (pictured right), pubs, the brewery that uses dray horses and a green, All the people there are very friendly and there are no ghastly parents shouting or slapping their children.

After a lovely stroll we ate our fish and chip supper on a bench looking out to sea before returning to our bed at Duke House in Halesworth. If you’re ever up that way I recommend staying there if only to talk to the geese!

Mick took off, no really, in Wales at the weekend - paragliding from the mountains. He had a wonderful knackering time but did manage to lose his mobile phone that was in a pocket when he took off but not when he landed. It’s made us realise how dependent we’ve become on being able to keep in touch all the time. My fingers have been quite lost and I’ve missed my phone frequently alerting me while we haven’t been able to share a minute by minute account of what we’re both up to.

I’ve had a ‘yes’ for my second book and am as excited by that I as was when Past Life Tourism was accepted, which will be out soon. Can’t wait to hold it. My publisher says I must bite, smell and stroke it. I will!