October 16, 2007

On Track

Let’s start with the car. It was driven by Lee, who drove beautifully and survived 2 races: coming 3rd in the 1st, only to come a cropper in the final. It ended up with the front wheels pointing sideways - not a good look for any car and it finally had to be pushed off the track by a tow truck.

I’m such a girl that I clapped each time it went past and regret not taking pom poms - ha ha yes, I really do have some thanks to Sarah.

Many of the cars were driven by children who frankly should have been tucked up in bed.
Banger racing really is a lot of fun especially somewhere like Ringwood where you can get close to the track. That way you get the whole experience of the sounds and smells. You can’t beat that rumble in your tummy of fast potentially dangerous things; whether from a car, plane or horse.

What with that and the rugby it was pretty fine.

On Friday night we were entertained by Pip and his guitar with his amusing rendition of Jock the Motor Mechanic. Coincidentally the words fit beautifully to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.

I’m very excited because we’re going to see Chicago on Thursday at the Cambridge Theatre. I’m hoping I can resist singing. If you see something like Rocky Horror you’re quite safe as you’re expected to join in and jump to the left but usually we have to keep it in our heads.

My Razzle Dazzle will have to be contained. Relief all round!


Mysterious Myrtle said...

I've heard you sing - PLEASE resist, resist!!! Just joking- have seen Chicago twice and loved it. Enjoy. MM x

barb said...

Lol, oh no I feel my dreams of treading the boards dashed :(