October 27, 2007

It's a Mystery

Chicago was brilliant. Theatre performances are always exciting and I love the way the buzz stays with you for a long while after. It is the intimacy that makes you feel you know the people up on the stage and are sharing in their happiness, sadness or worry. I managed to not sing out loud but have been crooning since - in secret!

Do you think if you saw your own book on a shelf you would be very cool and just notice it without passing comment? I would love to think that’s what I would do.

Before the show Mick and I had a stroll and ended up in Mysteries in Covent Garden. Shock of shocks there nestled in a grown-up way like any other real book was mine. Remember: calm. Didn’t happen. In the un-coolest way you can imagine I grabbed it, squealed and announced, “This is mine. I wrote it.” The lovely lady behind the counter checked the picture on the back and said, “So it is.”

The bit in the local paper was very pleasing. I have a rather nice press picture but they wanted one of me holding the book and so I sent them one of me doing just that looking like a prize plonker. Guess what? They cut the edge off, the bit with the book and left me looking bemused and slightly unhinged.

On the work front - Lizzie and I are now in a position to host Soul Weekends again at new locations and day courses in Lavenham, Suffolk starting with ‘Finding your Perfect Soul Mate’ and ‘Psychic Development’. I’ve put a announcement email box on my home page so please let me know via that if you’d like to be kept informed.

I’m being interviewed by Mary Harboe to talk about Past life Tourism on Thursday for Radio Europe Mediterranneo. Emperor Rosco is streaming to me now :)

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