January 25, 2008

Girls and boys come out to play

There is interesting discussion on journobiz about having best friends of the opposite sex. None of my smalls have ever seemed to notice what sex their friends are as they’ve always mixed and matched. When I was at school we scarcely had friends in a different year let alone same-sex - how times change.

I thought I’d share the picture from Charlie’s wedding.
From the left: Leon, Charlie’s Bridesmaid
Joel the Groom with Vinnie
George the Best Man

If your new year is heading downhill another of my contributions is on the New Year Revolution Blog with Paul McKenna's below me from yesterday. Please use the link on the left or you might be boggled. I was when I tried to guess the URL especially in view of the same sex conversation ...

Paul McKenna was on Scott Mills last week talking about future life progression (FLP). FLP is featured in my book and as soon I locate a venue I'll be offering it as a workshop/class.
I know it'll happen as I've travelled forward in time and had a look ;)

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