January 24, 2008

On the rocks

It seems as if a lot has happened since I penned my musings. I’ll begin last week when I spent a couple of days with Lizzie and we had a night at the Scole Inn, Diss cosmically ordering our desires. If you fancy having a read about the place I slept in Emma's room.
We got a lot done in the small amount of time, that, as usual, whizzed by and before I knew it I was back on the train. It would help a lot if she moved nearer. Well, it would help me and it is all about me!

Home for one day only we spent Saturday evening at Jules and Justine’s who I will refer to collectively as Juicy for the sake of brevity.

Juicy, in their wisdom or foolishness, kindly invited and fed several villagers (20) in their lovely home. Delicious food and good company ensured a perfect time with only a few minutes walk home in the early hours. For reasons known mostly to the spooks a lot of time was devoted to tales of things that go bump in the night. David in particular was able to put the frighteners up himself very easily. We think we’ll have a ghost hunt and Doug (cousin to half Juicy) will be present in the flesh ... in a real live scientific way with his equipment to film and record any events that might occur.

After not much sleep we set off for St Ives in Cornwall. The roads were clear and after getting our fix of history going past Stonehenge we arrived in Cornwall for a few days of bliss.

Mick dropped me at the hotel while he went to meet up with his brother for a site meeting as he is in charge of trusses - the roof kind. Lawrence (bro) and his wife Clare have bought a derelict barn and are rebuilding. Derelict in this context is a overly generous description of a ruin. Big pile of rubble is more apt. Still it isn’t hard to imagine the finished home in a stunning location. Jealous? Moi? Yes!

I checked in to the Pedn Olva and when I entered our room I had one of those rare moments of gobsmackedness. The view literally took my breath away. The hotel is on and in the rocks so it seemed as though we were in the sea with the harbour to the left.
Pedn Olva means look out and the building used to be a working tin mine. It has been modernised and is beautiful. There was nothing to complain about! The rooms have names like; Smeatons, Carrick Du, Pendinas (sounds like an intimate body part) with the best being Clodgy which is where we laid our hats.

Clodgy could be used to describe many things couldn’t it? I feel tired and clodgy, I’ve eaten too much and I’m clodgy or how about someone wearing too much make-up? It actually refers to an area of marshland now under the sea between Penzance and Newlyn that according to legend: when the sea moaned it was the Clodgy calling for rain and carrick du means black rock. That upon which the hotel sits.

Before returning home we spent a little time in Penzance shopping and we found a shop of delights. They sold phrenology heads, palmistry palms, various knives, crossbows, air rifles plus ammunition and a mind boggling assortment of vibrators! Mick pointed out that a little bit of fortune telling determined whether women were seeking pleasure, revenge or a prelude to a killing spree.

We then went into a phone shop to be irritated by a bored, cross salesgirl who had smeared her makeup around the edges of her face with what must have been a wet teabag.

Of everyone we saw she was the most clodgy!

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