February 18, 2008

Drawing down the moon

I am writing this on my most excellent new macbook that Mick has kindly bought me. It is white and beautiful and I am hoping hard that I never have to go near windoze again. It means I can write anywhere. I was so excited I couldn't decide where to start.

In my glee my first experiment was to overhaul my website and I have managed to lose it. It is out there somewhere in the virtual world so apologies to those of you who were visiting and have ended up here. If you spot it floating by please send it home. Caution is advised as it might well be hormonal, lost and or confused. Hopefully normal (whatever that is) service will be resumed very soon.

Mick is working away in Cornwall at the moment and I’m rather hoping I’ll be able to gatecrash his home from home next week. I keep getting waves of envy that he is by the sea. Not pretty.

This morning I had a coffee with Caroline who lives opposite. It was in her house that I saw my first ‘spook’* in the village. We had a chat about it going in Psychic Salon.
Tomorrow I’m interviewing Anne Jirsch for My Spirit Radio and I’m really looking forward to it.

Are you looking forward to the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night? Do you suppose the wolves mind? Details through here (the eclipse not wolves).

* It wasn’t an actual spook. It was a time slip.

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