February 19, 2008

There it is

With a bit of guidance from the charming people at 123-reg.co.uk my website is back. I’m blaming it on the lunar eclipse or Mercury. It was definitely nothing to do with my ineptitude, blondness or general scatty-ness!

My interview with Anne was great - I love my work. How fortunate I am to have the opportunity of having a chat with someone I admire and wish to know all about. She shared how she had looked into the future with Paul McKenna; hers and his. Everything they saw is happening.

The only stress with interviews is the constant hope that it is still being recorded.

I managed to lose 2 interviews when I was writing Past Life Tourism, never finding out how or why. One of them was with Jenny Smedley but she was cool about repeating it.

Mick is staying at the Cornish equivalent of Fawlty Towers so I won’t be sneaking off there anytime soon. However there is always the Pedn Olva ...

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