April 12, 2008

Why do bloggers blog?

There are many reasons to blog: promote work or self, sell stuff, give stuff away, ask for stuff, disagree/agree with everything and everyone, use them like forums, share tittle tattle, organise thoughts …
I started mine with a view (apart from Andrea nagging) to share the highs and lows of becoming a published author, dispense advice and tips while sharing the odd bit of personal stuff.

Along the way it has changed. My book proposal was accepted, I wrote the book, it was published and I have another out in the summer.
The advice bit fell by the wayside when I realised that the readers who come here don’t want any but if they do they ask.

Without noticing my blog has become a diary where I can opine on anything I choose. I can use made-up words, as in bloggerise: the art of bloggerisation but mostly I can prattle. That is what I do best.
It’s funny doing this as the round robin drivel that randoms insist on sending out once a year annoy me a lot. But, reading someone’s blog is a personal choice to the reader.

Is it an ego* trip? Maybe.

I have gathered a few questions from readers and will answer them over the next few entries. If you wish to know anything please ask.

*I wrote aga – am I at the age of Aga Saga’s? I haven’t got one so probably don’t qualify.

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