April 11, 2008

Spirit & Destiny

I managed to leave the sea and return to dingly dell and the PS3. You can browse online with it: pure witchcraft! It’s very cool sitting on the sofa strolling around the internet on a 42” screen. And, I must add, my newly built website looks grand but maybe I’m biased.

One of the village highlights is membership renewal night at the village hall. We have a quiz with a fish and chip supper and this year we won. The downer is the winners have to produce the next quiz. Last year by employing a brilliant strategy we managed to come second rather than first.
We had planned the same this year and even called our team QS (Quality Seconds). The team comprised of me, Mick, Steve and Sarah. One point did it and that was a bonus point from Mick getting the quizmaster, who you know as half of Juicy, a pint. Still a bottle of Bubbly is always pleasing.

The feature on Future Life Progression and Past Life Tourism is out in Spirit & Destiny and is jolly good, thanks to Andrea, Karina and all the lovely girls at magazine office.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending or if you would like to help organise one/some workshops on time travel.
I am seriously wishing, hoping and cosmically ordering for a fantastic helper to appear … might it be you?

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