May 23, 2008

The Long Commute

This I the first blog in my beautiful new office that Mick has fashioned with a penknife and cotton bud. My commute to work has changed from turning right at the kitchen to now having to walk the length of the garden: it’s a hard life but please let me be the first to volunteer.
It seems garden offices are the in thing. Sheds, conservatories, cabins, tree houses (up a ladder to work – very Robin Hood) even yurts are in vogue. I’m at the height of SOHO fashion. Do you suppose there’s a forum?

I discovered yesterday that at the bottom of the page is a word count box that I’ve just never noticed. 113 so far. I’m wondering what other things are not seen. It’s becoming annoying though because now I know it’s there I keep looking. 139

The weirdest thing with word counts is the way they do not correlate with time, effort and guesses. I’m sure anyone who writes will agree that on some days you can work your fingertips smooth and fully expect the figure to be the equivalent of a novella but in reality it stubbornly refuses to pass a few hundred. 198

Maybe I can disable it or perhaps it’s motivating. What do you think? 212

Will the commute be as pleasurable next time it snows? Yes, I'll be able to build a snowman on the way. The picture is the view from my office except at the moment it's very green. We like green.

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