June 02, 2008


Vinnie had his 2nd birthday on Friday. What a quick 2 years. His new brother or sister is on way with an expected delivery at the beginning of July. It’s a good job we’re not dependent on Parcel Force or we might end up with something unusual: like locusts!

Paul has 2 bearded dragons that eat mealie worms (gross), salad (nice), crickets and locusts (bouncy). Said locusts were delivered by post last week. Despite being in a sack secured with strong twisted metal, and Paul saying ‘they can probably get out’, I was sure they were safe in a container because I could feel an egg box type affair inside.

Annoyingly he was right: they weren’t secure. At the moment the bag opened I discovered that I can actually levitate. I did not expect I’d ever have a locust jump onto my hand. It’s amazing where we’ve been finding them, they certainly get about. They’re called hoppers which is an understatement.

Vinnie loves the lizards and refers to them as dinosaurs and on his birthday a couple of his friends visited with their mummy. Charlie took them up to see the dragons and after about 5 minutes lifted the tank that houses the locusts to show them. The lid was open and at the same moment she spotted one mid-boing. That was the cue to leave.
Paul is going to Minorca in a couple of weeks and he seems to think I’m the animal aunt.

Lizards and scorpions – I will seriously need some self-therapisation before then. I get shuddery and goose bumpy just thinking of those revolting, wiggly worms … issues? Moi?

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