June 17, 2008

Book Promoting

You may remember when Judith O’Reilly received a very pleasing book deal for the Wife in the North: it is a very funny, sometimes sad, blog and the book is based on it. She has created this promotional video. How witty, aren’t people clever?

I was a little cold in the night and felt grumpiness coming on. Just before it got serious I thought of Roz Savage rowing across the Pacific in her quest to alert the word to the state of the oceans. She crossed the Atlantic in 2005 so is an old hand. Anyway, peeved in my bed I suddenly thought of her being tossed about like a tiny cork. The sea was so choppy, no rough, no big-waved; no shockingly violent that she couldn’t row for the beginning of her challenge. And, challenge is nowhere near enough of a word.

It brought my coldness into perspective and I drifted off by imagining I was on a beautiful yacht floating around the Greek Islands. The sea-faring vessel in my mind is crewed and very unlikely to flip over or pitch me into the briny blue. Oh, I had a Shirley Valentine moment then!

I am now the official Keeper of the Lizards. They are very partial to home-grown lettuce leaves which is handy as we have lots. I hope I remember to turn their heater up and down.

At the moment I am awaiting delivery of worms and locusts … on any other day …

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