June 13, 2008

Fortune, Luck and Heels

Today started very well when the postman didn’t bring anything that jumps but did bring a little gift from the premium bond people. Maybe because it's Friday the 13th it seemed a little more exciting. If you have Triskaidekaphobia* it probably isn’t but then the Friday bit will be irrelevant. I’ve always rather liked the number 13. It seemed somehow naughty to not be afraid as a child – as if I was defying someone or something.

I briefly wondered what message I might be sending out with my talk about locusts, scorpions and bearded dragons. I had the thought when I mentioned using a cantrip* to stop slugs eating plants and then I Twittered about the Venus Fly Trap being hungry. If you think I live in a little shop of horrors you could be right. Our plant can only manage flies though. However, I did enjoy Sweeney Todd a lot but that is more to do with Johhny Depp.

The mealie worms are still a little wriggly problem made big by my mind but I managed to feed the lizards a wax worm the other day. Vinnie can manage the mealies and I can’t allow myself to be beaten by a 2 year old. Although to date he is still ahead. My challenge of the beasts begin on Monday.

Lizzie and I are hosting a Soul Weekend in October so please drop by Beyond Bliss (link left) for more information. These are suitable if you have a difficulty to sort, if you are seeking some answers or just for the fun of a weekend away experiencing the equivalent of a Spa for your Soul. Held in the exquisite Voewood House there will be laughter; maybe a few tears but no mud or paper knickers! Unless you bring your own and keep it private.

Mick and I saw Sex and the City in the week at Alton Cinema. It is a very cosy affair like being in a sitting room of giggly women. And, yes Mick was the only man experiencing the pleasure/pain/extreme suffering.

* Triskaidekaphobia – extreme fear of the number 13
* cantrip – little spell (sometimes mischievous) (not me ☺)

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