June 30, 2008

Cosmic Duck

If ever there was a living advert for negativity I talked with the front-runner at the weekend. I’m sure you know the type. Everything is an effort. They wallow in negativity and wear everyone out. They’ve usually got a little ache here and a little twinge there. Here a moan there a moan everywhere a moan and groan.
He even said, “Nothing good ever happens to me. I always expect the worse and I’m always right.”

If I’d had a herring to hand I’d have slapped him with it aka Mrs Brittas style.

I’ve had people say to me, “It’s easy for you to be positive and happy look at how lucky you are. You’ve got a beautiful family and home.”
Well, I didn’t wake up one morning to find the fairies had gifted it to me! We have created this beautiful life and environment but it, like everything else, began with a thought. Everything around us: including the way we now have nature laid out, is the product of thoughts.

It therefore shows that thinking in a productive way and making the best use of the gifts that life throws at you is the way to success. I call it ‘hook a duck’. You might have to hook up several ducks to get the gift you desire but if you let them all float by you’ll remain with nothing. It is exactly the same with Cosmic Ordering. You can’t just make a wish and sit back waiting for the money/car/love of your life or whatever to fall into your lap.

You need to be in a receptive place mentally plus you should be aware, and make use, of opportuniies as they float by. In my book I talk about this and how it can be difficult for people to be in a state of readiness with positive expectation if they are running on old programmes or are cluttered with past mental/physical or emotional debris.

As luck would have it – ha ha do you get it??!! Stephen Richards is holding a Cosmic Ordering Indulgence Weekend with Emma James. Together they will show you how to clear away negativity and prepare you for a life of success. The link is on the left.

Stephen's book, Cosmic Ordering is one should should definitely read and he is the originator of Cosmic Ordering Connection.

My latest news is that I will be recording the interviews for my new show on My Spirit Radio this week so very soon ‘Journeys Through Time’ will be coming to a computer near you.

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