July 21, 2008

Don't take this personally

Another year and all that. My birthday was absolutely perfect. I had fabulous gifts throughout the day and takeout curry for supper with all my smalls. Charlie was up early putting up balloons and banners inside and out which was a little scary. No age secrets now but at least no one will need to ask.

All my recordings are done for my new show on My Spirit Radio. I have a fantastic line-up and it has been lots of fun.
I am just making arrangements to travel about the country with my Past Life Tourism Show. These are one-day workshops, based on my book, to explore memories of the past and future. I will be going to Manchester to Gorton Monastery which is exciting. Dates and details will be available soon.
My website has undergone a makeover as I thought it looked a bit fluffy so please feel free to peruse – link on the left.

I have been reading Helena Frith Powell’s book, To Hell in High Hells. It is very good and funny; not just because I have a mention! She talks about discussing people asking others their age with her father and aunt, who suggests skirting around the issue.

Quote - “What if someone asks you outright how old you are?’ I said
‘Say ”about your age” and then walk away, said my father, ‘Anyone who asks that question deserves to be ignored.’
End quote.

Some things are personal: age, personal habits, dirty secrets, earnings and how many damn books I’ve sold! I’m fed up with people asking. Do I sound a grump? Oh well.

It is annoying because all they really want to know is how much money have I made. And, that’s plain rude.
From now on if anyone asks I will reply, ’you think it’s any of your business because …?’
Or, I’ll walk away like Helena’s father because I feel the same. Anyone who asks deserves to be ignored.

I’m still the birthday girl so I can say anything I please.