July 15, 2008

In the Dark

Having dithered and faffed with the quirks’ of life I am pleased to announce that my show on My Spirit Radio really is on the way. I interviewed Dr Georgina Cannon yesterday who was delightful and a clip from the regression programme that she was involved in was featured on Oprah. Georgina is so delicious I'm not even jealous but am actually thrilled.
You will be kept posted when the show airs.

My stats have been interesting – the amount of google searches for Oprah and reincarnation has been jolly high. Just shows how much interest there is in the subject and in a moment of inspiration I have decided to offer the workshops based on the book to a wider audience. So, the Past Life Tourism Show could well be coming to a venue near you. I am seeking organisers throughout the world and would love to hear from you if that’s your bag.

Home news has the usual amount of madness and mayhem coupled with complete silliness and fun. Joel was coming home the other night at about 1.00am and the car keeled over at the bottom of he hill. There are no streetlights anywhere but there is an abundance of trees and scary noises. Poor scared Joel: with a dying mobile and limited signal couldn’t see as far as his feet, so did no more than sit in the road to wait for someone to magically appear, which they did.

I have a ‘special’ birthday on Thursday and am being teased relentlessly on really being an old bird. Focusing hard on being in my prime. I felt quite traumatised last week at the thought of it but am feeling rather cool about it now. Ask me again on Thursday though as it might be a different response.

News on Psychic Salon will also be shared soon.

My last comment is to the wicked man who thinks it's acceptable to beat your dog by the village pond. It isn't. You have been reported. Not that you care because you're an arrogant fool but Karma will get you very soon.