August 23, 2008

Back to reality

Having been knocked for six, seven and eight it has taken a while for my brain to switch back on but it seems to be trying a little.

The venue for the Past Life Tourism workshops is so perfect and was of course right under my nose! It is at Penny’s, Posh Frocks and Parties in Normandy Street, Alton. The first is on the 5th October and all the information is on my website. It will be lots of fun so please mention it to anyone you think might be interested.

Earlier in the week I had a rather fascinating time being introduced to the experience of flotation. It’s very straightforward – you climb into a pod that contains 10” of water with 700lbs Epsom salts, lie back, shut the lid, close off from on the world and relax for an hour. The whole concept is so alien that to begin with I bobbed* about thinking ‘as if I’m going to relax in this’. My mind was all over the place. I visited trippyville and then lost track of … everything. When the hour was up I couldn’t tell if I’d been in there for minutes or weeks.

It was like I was still floating and somewhat detached from reality as I deposited myself back onto the massage table for Sandra to work more of her magic (my treatment began and ended with a massage). When all was finished to say I was in heaven is an understatement. If you want more details on floating or fancy trying it out the link is on the left – Body Check.

*you don’t actually bob about unless you whoosh your arms and legs a bit to check out how the water washing over you feels and to try to make yourself sink (it has to be done). It’s impossible. You do however lose touch of where you stop and start! Lucky me, thanks to Paul for the birthday treat.

My new show is available now at My Spirit Radio. The next guests are being lined up, please let me have your suggestions or if you would like to be interviewed to talk about past or future life ideas or your experiences.

I’d like to share a message from Jenny Smedley – “I'm very happy to announce that I have a book coming out with Hay House.
I will be looking for spiritual stories involving pets and other animals. If you have a story to share I'd be delighted to hear it.”

If you have a story to share please contact her directly from her website.

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