October 07, 2008

Birth announcement

The new book has now formed in my head and is on route to the writing slate. As I scratch away so many ideas tumble unrestrained from my mind and it makes me wonder where they’ve been until now. Have they been waiting in the wings for their birth? Or is their creation happening as I get the thought?

Still raining then?
Mick and I whizzed to Cornwall for a few days while the weather was perfect. We visited many beautiful places along the North Cornwall coast and stayed in a small hotel. On the first morning Mick arose early and decided to explore with a walk. After donning his woolly hat and wellies off he set. As he strode past the hotel pool a lone female swimmer exploded from the water to be at Mick’s side in one swift slightly scary movement like the beast from the deep. She then growled at him asking what he was doing. He backed away in case she burst into flames until after a few moments it dawned on her that he was a guest taking a stroll.

The beast shrivelled back to human size and all was well.

She was obviously jiggled by this as she came into breakfast to announce her error to the other guests. Mick likened it to a Fawlty Tower’s moment: much guffawing and nodding followed.

Paul has gone to Thailand leaving me with the lizards … can you feel a déjà vu moment coming? On the day before he left one of the eggs hatched when we’d just about given up. Since he went another little baby bearded dragon has been born. They are very sweet and about the size of a little finger but it is quite stressful making sure they don’t freeze or cook.
So far though so good.