July 26, 2009

It's a jolly holiday

The Random House meeting was informative and a bit irritating all at once. People have funny ideas – mostly anyone that disagrees with me! I was the only author so had a different (warped, maybe) viewpoint.

The obvious thing is that the most important people in the book publishing industry: the authors and the readers are expected to flap about at the bottom of pond while everyone else creams off a very nice living, thank you very much. There are a few cash cow authors wobbling about on pedestals whom the publishers fawn over and throw money at but, for those who can’t actually write, their days are numbered.

There are successful authors who have, quite rightly, earned their praises and cheques but there are others who haven’t. There are also many who can no doubt write beautifully but don’t get a look in. This is all going to change as the e-book world grows and allows more writers to show off their skills without needing to somersault through burning hoops to impress a publisher.

As long as the reader likes it that is all that matters and with the ease of producing downloadable books more will be able to be involved and get their words 'out there'.

I have had a birthday that, as usual, was wonderful. My family always get me the most perfect gifts and Martyn excelled himself by doing all the shopping and laying on a party tea. All this while working on his book with a deadline looming was impressive!

In the last few days Mick and I have decided to go away. What and where has taken much thinking; but, after changing our minds several times we have decided upon a trip to Scotland.

1st thing tomorrow at silly o’clock we will set off for Holy Island. We have to get there before 17.40 because of the tide on the causeway.
From there we are going to Stonehaven, Inverness, Port William and maybe a stop off in Buxton on the way home.
I’ve never been to Scotland and am jolly excited. The thought of sipping my coffee while gazing across Loch Ness is butterfly inducing. I expect Nessie to pop up to say hello and will have the camera ready for such an occurrence.

Should I get a picture of an interesting ripple, shadow or big fish I will share when I return.


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