October 19, 2009

Planes, brains and all very well

Before I write this post I have been reminded by Mick to give myself an award from our boating holiday. On the 2nd or 3rd lock I got off the boat with my cutlass, no, windlass to take charge of the lock. My brain had turned to absolute mush – this happens when everything slows to river pace and I couldn’t work out which gate to open. I stood looking at it hoping it might tell me if it was full or empty, as I really couldn’t get my brain to tell me. I looked at the river either side of the lock but it was all meaningless.

In the end I had to summon Mick from his position at the helm to help me. He, of course, smiled sweetly at my ineptitude and pretended it could happen to anyone. After several locks it became clear that these moments do happen a lot even with very experienced boaty people. My award? The blonde one!

Back to now -

Just over a week ago I was in Kuwait hosting the Beyond Bliss retreat workshops.
I had the most amazing time and consider myself very fortunate to have been invited there by Eman – who is now my agent in the Middle East. Ha ha get me!

I have never been very good at sleeping on planes. This is partly because of excitement (after so many years as a phobic) plus the noise, the constant offerings of food and drinks and the loo door opening and closing causing the light to shine on my head. Mostly, though it is the fear of waking up with a snort and dribble dripping from my chin to my chest. So, although tired when I arrived the happiness took over. It is an amazing place.

Eman took me on a tour and breakfast at the Marina. Later on, after a rest, we went to a girlfriend’s home for supper and to meet with other friends. We had a fun evening of delicious food and much laughing. I left with a bag of gifts kindly given to me by the hostess. These and those from Eman show how generous the Kuwaiti people are. They are very welcoming and kind.

We had an early start on the Thursday for a live TV interview on Good Morning Kuwait. This was fun and everyone was charming and gracious. It was even ok when they showed a short video of lights, energy flows and chakras and the host asked me to comment! After my bit we were shown around the gallery and editing suites (and yes I felt like a luvie) (it was cool). The place was a buzz of activity and I loved every minute of it.

My workshops were held at the Sahara Kuwait - nice – and when I walked into the conference room I had a little squeal (very professional) then took some photos (ever the professional).
Whenever a group comes together the power and energy is palpable and the group here bonded immediately and we had 3 fabulous days of hypnotic meditation, healing, dowsing, auras, chakras, cosmic ordering and more. All interspersed with being fed and watered and every need or desire taken care of. Eman had thought of everything and was a pleasure to work with.

On the last day we created a board for the world and it was a butterfly inducing moment meditating on the words and sentiments from everyone’s heart. We then sent the whole bundle of positivity and love out to the cosmos.

The whole experience was Bliss. In fact Beyond Bliss!

Here are some of the group:

Thank you to Anne Jirsch for having such a kind-heart, generous spirit and the connection to Eman x

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