January 10, 2010

Shiny and new

Here we are in 2010, MMX, twenty ten, twenty x, two o one o, 2 thousand and 10 or whatever you might wish to call it.

All around me is snow and I feel coddled by its quiet blanket – the eerie sound of snow is more a sensation isn’t it? Living on the ridge of a hill means we get trapped fairly easily because even though we could slip slide our way out of the village it becomes impossible to return. Mick, in his wisdom, saw the severity of it so we were prepared and even when the electricity was off (overhead cables weighed down with snow and/or trees) we managed. At the first opportunity to restock Paul shopped and returned with most important things: soup, posh sausages and smoked salmon! Sorted!

We have a snow tramp in the garden, courtesy of Martyn: cup in hand, exposed genitals, evidence of a urinary accident (snow tramp not Martyn!) and an igloo 2/3 built. Another addition to the family and garden is a fabulous hen house and run, designed and built by Mick with a cotton bud and penknife, that homes 4 beautiful hens called Roary, Cici, Maxi and Lightening McQueen. They were named by Vinnie in case you wondered.

The majority of people have started their new year with the thought ‘it has to better than the last one’, which, I think, is a strange way to go about things. Why? Because every new action begins based on past experiences/results and I have seen evidence of this in therapy with many clients. They won’t have a relationship because they always turn bad or they can’t stop smoking because they have tried 43 times before and failed. A good way past this is to start anew – hence the whole New Year resolution thing – which, sadly for many, don’t last as again it is easier to slip back into the old comfort habits. Even if something isn’t good it is familiar and doesn’t cause immediate stress.

Without sounding like a fluffball the way to create new success is to be free of past misery by being grateful of everything we’ve had or experienced (however awful, painful or downright hideous) and start from now.

For me the year ahead looks fabulous – book completed new one started, more traveling, workshops and retreats and wonderful clients coming my way.

And last but very important is Martyn's book will be published on 1st February
It Happened to Me: Extraordinary True Tales by Ordinary People

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