October 15, 2010


I have had a few urges to update this blog and then I think oh I'll just tweet or facebook.
This time though ...

Right then. What shall I share? Trips?
Mick and I have been to Greece twice this year. The first time we island hopped without anything pre-booked and had a good if hectic time. The second visit was to Skala Eressos, Lesvos. We had the best time and spent a whole week dossing interspersed with sleeping (lots), reading (lots), moving from one taverna to the next (exhausting and resulting in the need for more sleep) and swimming every day in the warm Aegean. Bliss is an understatement. We had the obligatory bus journey across the mountains - it has to be done to test one's bravery. On the previous holiday we ended up on Syros and stayed in a little bay called Kini. The driver on that bus was able to roll a cigarette, read a paper, read and send text messages and talk on his mobile. The buses seem to magically stay on the edge of the mountains where our only protection is the occasional gorse bush or goat.

I have been to France recently and hosted a salon that was organised by the intrepid Maria at O Books. I stayed in a fabulous gite all alone apart from the ghost. If anyone is interested in my ghostly encounter I'll share the story another time. Maria took me to meet Catherine, Jim and Moriarty at Grue Demoiselle and I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching there sometime on a residential training retreat.

Back home for a week before Mick and I popped to Jersey and stepped back into the eighties. The only thing missing was Basil! The hotel had a business centre with a fax machine ... when I mentioned wifi they almost made the sign of the cross in terror.
We haven't anything else planned as yet but are thinking of whizzing to Cornwall sometime.

The other bit of exciting news - actually there is a lot more but I'll drip it rather than bombard you - is that not only do I now have a beautiful room to see clients at Pure in Alton we are hosting workshops there. Please visit the link on left for more information.

Right then back to work. I know I've said it before (many times) but I will do my best to update this blog.

Take care and thanks for reading.