March 01, 2011

Sticky and Spooky

Only 5 months since last update - I'm doing well. All is good in Ford Towers. Charlie, ancient tomorrow as she hits 32, is busy incubating her 3rd baby due in May. The little boys are very excited as are the rest of us. Charlie has started a new business called Pretty Delights, link on the left if you're interested. It is an online shop selling many things and they all come beautifully wrapped.

Talking of births... my new book, The Psychic Way will be out in August and I am now writing my next one, Past Life Regression Made Easy.
And, in other birth news: the stick insects are now numbering 15. They don't do a lot except hang about being stick-like and eating everything in sight as long as it's privet. Privet used to be everywhere but not now it seems and our one bush is itself looking very stick-like too.

Right, so I said I'd share the ghost story. I stayed in a gite all alone while I was in France and in the night woke up because I thought the bedroom door had opened. When I looked though it was still shut. The following night it happened again and I 'felt' someone looking at me from the other side of the bed. Now, I'm not afraid of spooks or things that go bump in the night but I don't like it if something makes me jump.

So I said out loud, 'if anyone is there please don't make me leap out of my skin.' I said it in english as I don't know the french for such a dilema but I couldn't see anyone even though I continued to feel someone looking at me intently. It actually made me feel cozy and comfortable, and I dozed back off with that lovely feeling of being safe and nurtured.
When I mentioned it to Jackie, the owner, she smiled sweetly and said, 'oh yes that's what she does.'
Apparently an old lady visits and likes to just look. She is particularly fond of children and some of the owners' relatives asked them to ask her to not stand at the end of the bed as they found it a little disturbing! Jackie also mentioned the bum imprint that is sometimes left on the sofa in the living room. This time however she restricted her visit to my bedroom.

Lastly, for now, my imprint within John Hunt Publishing is up and running. It is called 6th Books and the link to the details are under the O.

Details through here

If you are a potential author please get in touch.

Thanks for reading x