June 18, 2011

Getting Down and Lucky

"It just shows what can be done by taking a little trouble," said Eeyore. "Do you see, Pooh? Do you see, Piglet? Brains first and then Hard Work."
The House at Pooh Corner

Yet another person has told me how lucky I am because my husband and I have just returned from a Greek island.
Many times luck is mentioned when I talk about writing. One person actually said, “You have a publisher? A real one? Gosh, you are lucky!”
I, apparently, have tons of luck that has resulted in my wonderful family, delightful friends, flourishing career and beautiful home in the country. How did it all happen?

Well, I was strolling about one day minding my own business when ‘wham’ it all fell out of the sky at my feet! Imagine that. Yes, dream on.
There are differing kinds of luck: “With my luck I’ll probably get run over” or “I never win anything” or, “He always comes up smelling of roses” and, “Lucky bitch.”
Is it luck when someone wins a gold medal or lifts aloft the shiny cup? What about when you pitch for business and get the contract?

Arnold Palmer once said, “It's a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get.”

I have all that I’ve got through hard work and making choices. I have had bad things happen and gone through very bad times. However, I have survived to tell the tale.
This shows that luck is a state of mind. Everything you, and I, do comes from thought, self-belief and action. So often clients tell me they can’t do something. Their evidence is that they tried before but weren’t successful. They start everything new thing from old programming. It’s like trying to cook a meal on a cooker that doesn’t really work. You end up hungry so bin it and get a takeout. You then announce you can’t cook. Or, someone says, “I’ve been cosmic ordering. It doesn’t work, I’m still poor.”

When I question my clients it turns out, that they got exactly what they believed they would. Every time. It’s no good having the thought and planning your dream if you are shaking your head on the inside. Well, I’ll put it in the pan and on the stove but it won’t cook!
All this does is waste energy and burrow deep into the confirmation of negativity. I expect to succeed. I expect to win. Sometimes the path is rocky but that only adds to the fun and challenge.
Imagine how your life might be if you had all the luck in the world. What would be happening and how would you feel? It is good or worrying?
Surprisingly many people decide they aren’t worthy and that is the pattern of failure they repeat. Change that now. You are worthy, gorgeous, successful and good fortune is your right.
While we are at it we must also be grateful and count our blessings.
Love from me – the one living a charmed life!

New book, The Psychic Way, Fine-tuning Your Intuition, will be out in August.