July 21, 2011

Roll up! Roll up! It’s only 6 degrees

My copies of, The Psychic Way have arrived. The feeling is amazing when you see your creation ‘in the flesh’ and I want to tell the world.

So, I’m telling you and I’d be very grateful if you tell everyone you know. And if they tell everyone they know within 6 teeny tiny degrees of interconnectivity the world will indeed know.

Then, all everyone has to do is buy a copy. There! Simples!

If you read the last entry, I’ll wait in case you haven’t … … you’ll know all about the emotional roller-coaster authors are on. You might think it bit dramatic but I can assure you it isn’t.

When you write a book and then put it out there it is like sticking your heart to your forehead and saying, ‘poke me’. No, really. Poke. A little harder if you like. This is one of the things many authors find hard.

I’ve been getting emails, proposals and a variety of messages from authors for 6th Books: some brand new and some already published, and it is clear that they need to toughen up. I know that there are people (admittedly strange folk) who won’t like my book. I don’t like all the books I read and it would be a dull old world if we all agreed about everything so it is important to not take things personally.

This must be balanced with graciously accepting praise to allow the ego to be massaged, as in, “It’s like a bible of psychic stuff.” Thank you Andy Jackson from Wave 105. I like that, a lot.

Stephen King, in his fantastic book, On Writing, talks about the, ‘Ideal Reader’ (IR) and it made me think about who is my IR. I’m pretty sure it’s you! And, if it isn’t you it may well be someone you know.

If you’d like more information on The Psychic Way please visit the website. Link on right.

A final thought - these days it isn’t even necessary for any of us to roll up. All we need is the button and the order made. If you are a clicky button person may I recommend The Book Depository, link to the right. All books have free postage.

Thank you. Looking forward to feedback (so long as it’s nice :)) x

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