August 03, 2011

Early Days

I mentioned before that the book was here but without the gory details. Now I’ve recovered I can speak properly!

Birth date equals publication date if we are keeping with the birthing theme. And, what’s in a date? Babies, books and buses all come when they are ready.

O books/John Hunt Publishing is run with an open database system, meaning all authors can check (obsess) (moi?) stages of their creation, gestation and delivery progress.

My labour pains started when I saw that my book had been delivered to the warehouse. In reality those oh so familiar twinges, that you only recall when they begin again, had kicked off long before that but I have forgotten already.

How long would I need to breathe slowly and deeply until I received my copies and saw them in the flesh? Not long at all.

A gentle tap at the door coupled with a flip of the tummy heralded the moment of truth and there they were. In my hands. My beautiful books. I know I’m probably a little biased but they really are! There is no fear of anyone taking a sharp intake of breath when they first clap eyes on one. No worry of embarrassment as they try not to make eye contact while thinking ‘wtf’.

Whether or not the reader will enjoy the contents is another matter. It’s like having the best-behaved child at home who turns into a monster when out of sight. We never really know. So far nice things have been said. Jane Alexander, she of many books, features, columns and blogs tweeted that she was, ‘INHALING it’ while ‘nodding lots’ and then added, ‘You are so brilliantly sane about stuff.’

Never ever been called sane before. That’s definitely going on my cv.

The next phase is one of stalking. Finding people to say and write nice things. In my excitement yesterday I thought I’d email the Grazia Book Club. Sorted out the address clicked save but it turned out to be send. So, before anything else a blank email from me whizzed to them followed by an apologetic squirmy one and if I wasn’t rendered into spam they probably think I’m a clueless numptie.

Well, I’m not. I’ve got it in writing… sane I tell you!

One of the plans to celebrate the release is a retreat in September/October. I’ll share more in a few days.

In the meantime if you buy the book you may have a free meditation. Details here The Psychic Way

I also emailed O, the Oprah Magazine. What’s the worst that can happen?

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