November 23, 2006

You are feeling sleepy ...

My brain was busy at about 4 o’clock this morning with thoughts of writing and research. It’s great that my mind is on the task but I would prefer it to not disturb my sleep.

Many people complain to me about the vagaries of sleep and the stress they experience through the lack of it. The moans are all very similar; toss and turn for hours before dropping off or sleep solidly then awaken too early with monkey brain. Monkey brain is when your thoughts bombard you and disturb your peace - like a lot of chattering monkeys.

Most of us are familiar with the occasional dodgy night but if it starts to get a bit regular that’s no good. We become susceptible to bugs and stress related problems, we can’t function at our best and the baggy-eyed look isn’t very pleasing. Sunglasses indoors in the middle of winter aren’t cool they just make you look like you’ve got a raging hangover or can’t see the edge of doors!

So, what to do? Here are a few techniques to try out -
Try to focus on the rhythm of your breathing - and keep all other thoughts away. Just that rhythm: regular, flowing, slowing, sinking.

If it is your thoughts that are hindering sleep just imagine you are detached from them and be a casual observer. Just watch your own thoughts! You will find that they slow and then probably stop pestering.

And, if your body feels jumpy and disturbed imagine that you are being massaged. You can pretend that someone you know, like or want to make up is firmly pressing into your muscles and feel them soothing and resting (if you drift off into a fantasy go with it and float off to sleep ...)

Sweet dreams


Crashdummie said...

You mean kinda like meditation? Cool. Good idea, but I think I'm to restless for it to wor´k, but i'll definatly will try.

Walking around feeling like a zoombie is never a good sign now is it?


barb said...

Not usually unless you are in a zombie film maybe :)