April 27, 2007

Wet dogs and smoke

A fine week has been had.

After writing about the greenhouse the other day I read Helena Frith Powell’s blog entry entitled God or Gardening (link at the side) and was so disturbed I had to comment! Luckily I managed to get over myself very quickly.
We took Charlie (daughter), Vinnie (grandson) and Teva (dog) to the beach on Sunday and the car smelt of wet dog all the way home. This is a smell I’ve missed a lot since our last dog died - pleased it’s back.

The same weekend Paul (middle son) went to Manchester to watch UFC. Not to be outdone I sent him a text to say we were in a seaside cafe - he kindly send a picture with the header ‘Whatever’ from inside the arena and recorded the crowd noise. What a thoughtful so and so ...

Martyn has been working for me transcribing the regressions for the book: it is so time consuming but he types quicker than we think so is the perfect chap for the job.
And, Mick has been researching a couple of regressions. I thought it would seem biased if I did them so he has been immersed himself in all things historical.

What a splendid bunch!

All that’s left to do now is stop all this kerfuffle (sp?) surrounding the smoking ban and let all smokers who want to stop know how easy it actually is. Does anyone want to help?

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