May 13, 2007


Yesterday we had one of those idyllic afternoons. Mick and I were looking after Vinnie over night and we walked to the pond to feed the ducks. There wasn’t a duck in sight when we first arrived but the arrival of us 3 plus the dog caused Mummy duck to jump from the island in the middle of the pond followed by 9 tiny balls of baby duck. They are too little to swim in a line so they moved about the pond in a ducky bundle.

After a few minutes another duckling, who must have been asleep, tumbled from the island having a where is everyone moment. I know, very anthropomorphic but I was brought up on Animal Magic.

It was so lovely. One of those moments where you sigh and tilt your head to one side. But, of course, Vinnie was singularly unimpressed - he was on a mission to eat grass.

I have had my x-rays sent to me as the interest in matters relating to my foot has waned. It is a variation on holiday pics and now when I mention I have 3 screws in my foot I can actually show people.

If I can work out how to scan them I’ll show you as well. Excited??

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Richard King said...

I scanned our daughter Emma's pregnancy scans on my Hewlett Packard Pinter/Scanner/Copier without any problem; lift the cover to place the material to be scanned on the glass and a menu comes up on the computer screen; use the mouse to select the relevant options and that is it. However, I am not sure how she would feel about them being on the Internet.

I suppose you could do the same with your foot scans, though is the World ready for them?