May 25, 2007

Have I Got News for Them

We toodled off to London last night to watch the recording of Have I Got News for You. What a laugh it was. Having been there before we know the importance of getting in the queue as early as possible.

It was a warm evening with a pleasing breeze. It stopped being quite so pleasing when it whipped my hair into Mick’s ice-cream. The lady in front had a little freshen up pouch (she didn’t look like a KFC chick) which did a fine job.

My hair smelt very interesting for the rest of the night - a mix of vanilla and lemon.

It’s a shame it was so crunchy or I might have considered doing it again.

OK, so after the wait, whereby the security try to be jolly and entertaining to appease the boredom that some moodies get, we were ushered into the studio. The naughty queue jumpers - it’s not allowed it says it on the letter - nip in and then back out to meet their friends. These people have such important lives they can’t arrive early enough.

One miscreant got caught and told off but was still allowed in.
We sat in our seats and another group were told to come to the end of the row with not much visibility. Actually that’s not true there are screens and even at the very front there are cameras so it really is pot luck. Anyway what a bunch of rude bad mannered moany minnies. You thought I was bad?!? Lets not forget it is free!

Yes, free. A fun entertaining free night of free fun. Oh, and did I mention, it's all free?

When the studio is just about full the last few viewers are brought in. They had to sit separately because those early jumpers had taken the best seats. None of them moaned because they were just happy to have got in.

The show was superb: belly laughing nonsense and quick-wit. If you watch it I suggests you watch the repeats as they are extended with many cut bits included.
A stroll along the river and back to Waterloo ended a perfect evening.

I’m going to tell you about the new memory mattress - next time :)

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Richard King said...

I have just watched the programme. Trust Barb to turn up on the night they featured "The Barbed Wire Collector" Magazine.