May 28, 2007

Smoke-free Zone

“What do you do?*

I am a temptress. I entice people into my lair, make them totally dependent on me and then I slowly kill them.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting into trouble?”

No. I am legal and to be quite honest it is expected of me. I am just doing my job. My success depends on those who love me believing they have no power.

“What if they are given power?”

Then I’m done for - Barbara Ford-Hammond

Smoker’s Creed

Air polluting
Smoke infusing
Money taking
Money wasting

Strength sapping
Life capping
Young wheezing
Chest squeezing

Breath smelling
Death selling
Lung rotting
Heart stopping

Know ‘nuffin
Keep puffin’
Pockets empty

Throat cancer
Non dancer
Even stranger
Life in danger

Dealing death
Less in west
Newer market
Third world target

Brain numbing
End coming
Baby shrinking
Phlegm a-leaking

Pain swelling
Life ending
‘nuf said?
Smoker dead

I choose not to choose being a smoking statistic

Your choice your call - Mick Ford

Hypnotic Non-smoker

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