June 11, 2007

Body parts

Nice stuff to begin. The gorgeous grandson had his first birthday. That was a quick year. He is now walking about chattering and putting the world to rights - fits well here then.

Charlie has recently started a blog, ‘blingbitch’: it came about as we were having a moan and sometimes it’s just good to actually say stuff that people think but no-one will say out loud. It’s her moans, because I’m sure you don’t get enough from me, all about being a young mum and her life in general.

My moan-time then:
Embarrassing illnesses, Channel 4. Happened upon it the other day just as a woman was discussing a feeling of something pushing down in her nether regions. Now, I don’t think a prolapsed bladder is something to be shy about but I do think a full on snatch shot with your protrusion is something to be avoided.
Near the end of the programme was a chap who’d had his todger straightened. He’d returned for a follow-up and showed the doctor a photo of the uncurled appendage. A photo?! And, it was blurred out.

I didn’t actually want to see his penis but I certainly didn’t want to see the vagina smiling at me and if I’d thought for one moment there was a risk of that I would have closed my eyes. Why were her bits on show for all and sundry but not his?

And now for my second moan. Mick and I did the decent thing this morning and took the bottles for recycling. We also had other rubbish so instead of just the bottle bank we went to the municipal dump. There was a queue of cars to get in because the rubble skip was being replaced. If you had to pick the best time to do that you’d have chosen the middle of a Monday morning, not! We parked up and walked with our bits but weren’t allowed in because jobs-worth was guarding the gate for health and safety doncha know.

By the time the gate was open there were nearly 40 cars that had waited for about 10 minutes or so mostly with their engines running ... what’s that about???

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