June 24, 2007

Ding dong the book is done!

Hello there,

I begin this entry with thrilling news about the Greyhound in Lavenham. Do you remember when I went before and was most displeased? Well, we lunched there on Thursday and I risked a Caesar salad again as I’m not one to bear a grudge. What can I say? It was absolutely delicious. Loads of chicken buried under fresh parmesan and a pot of coleslaw delivered without comment.

Throughout the meal we were entertained by Lizzie’s daughter who was off school poorly but a spoonful of baby medicine had perked her up enough for a short jaunt out. Anyway, half-way through, said child announced she needed a poo. Of course the delivery of this information was loud! Lizzie in her calm mummy way suggested they pop home but too late. Daughter was by now in the middle of the pub saying, ‘I HAVE TO GO NOW I’VE FARTED!’

Aren’t children bliss?

We were in Lavenham to have a picture taken. I won’t go into it but it was a complete time-consuming farce.

Last weekend the rams from our field holiday-ed in the garden so that Kayt’s (Martyn’s girlfriend) cousin, Chelsea could celebrate her 18th. Vinnie loves them and calls all of them ‘dog’ and they had a good old natter as you can see in the picture.

And now please ... drum roll ... the book is finished. There was a delay because the foot recovery and being able to use my brain again took so much longer than I ever anticipated. But, I managed to catch up with myself. All was then going swimmingly until the book started to alter itself. I hadn’t realised that books actually take on a life of their own and have an energy controlled by the book itself.

Once I’d learnt all the quirks and understood the process the book and I got on beautifully and were both in agreement when it was done. The moment of letting it go and sending it causes a strange feeling and I now get it when authors say it’s like growing a baby.

Big thank you to Martyn for helping with the transcribing of the regressions and Mick for just being ... and helping whenever, wherever doing whatever!

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