July 01, 2007

Leaves without smoking them!

I am giggling my way through Eats, Shoots and Leaves - who’d have thought a few apostrophes and commas could make for such amusing reading? Maybe I should have read it before I wrote mine.

When a book is completed it goes through many stages until you get the physical item so Past Life Tourism is waiting patiently for the creation to begin. These steps take awhile which means I have the perfect opportunity to have my other foot done.
I’m booked in with the man who can, Ron, on the 11th. Last time I decided to feel the local anesthetic go in to make sure I really went numb but, it bloomin’ hurt so this time I’m not going to feel them. I will use hypnosis and numb my foot where the needles go in and in and in and in, oh, and did I say in?

Smoke Ban
Good news for non-smokers but not so good for those who still want to puff away.

One group of people largely ignored are the smokers who welcome the ban and are using it as an aid to help them break free. The help on hand is all a bit of a farce.

The poem posted a while ago was to demonstrate what is really happening. Before anyone leaps up in anger I personally couldn’t care less whether people smoke or not, in fact as you’ve probably realised I help those who desire to stop.

The point is with smokers it’s mostly about denial. The upside down-ness that it doesn’t really hurt - because you can’t see the damage immediately.

Smokers are victimised. They get hooked and are then offered a different kind of hook when they've had enough. But, ultimately it is about personal choice. Smoke or don’t.

For those that don’t want to please don’t keep using excuses like you’ve tried everything but you can’t stop because you’re an addict. You’re not! You have a dependancy, a need, a crutch or whatever else you wish to believe.

And, that is all it is.

When you actually make the decision to be a non-smoker you will surprise yourself at the ease with which you do so.

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